We help companies generate more referrals by leveraging personalization.

What is in a name?

Everything—especially when you see your name in print.

Imagine being able to send a personal note to each one of your clients or prospective clients.

On a large scale, that wouldn’t be possible—unless you use the technology discovered by Fortune 500 companies. Their case studies showed as much as a tenfold increase in sales by employing personalization in advertising campaigns.

At The Smart Video, we’re able to slash those early development costs and create personalized video ads that provide a better ROI than other forms of advertising.

We all know that video ads are preferred by consumers. Adding personalization yields a 35 percent higher retention rate … you recognized me—I’ll remember you!

Check out our sample video below to see how YOU look in a personalized world.

We guarantee you’ll remember it!

We also guarantee wishes will come true for a more prosperous business

Our genie logo is a fun way of saying we deliver on our promises. With a little bit of software magic, we can help transform your marketing campaigns, increase viewership, and deliver sales opportunities.
We focus on the magical part, so you can focus on serving all those new clients.
Check out the video below to see some of that magic.

Companies, large and small are already successfully using personalized smart-videos

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So what are the steps to make the magic happen?

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1. Plan the desired outcome

Before you begin any project, define your objective, which can be any number of growth-oriented factors.

For instance, creating call-to-action responses (CTAs) like:

  • confirming emails
  • viewing the website
  • making a phone call
  • engaging in social media
  • improving your brand with reputation management

2. Select the preferred video

You can choose from some ready-made templates in our The Smart Video library, or you can work with your own videos. We can also make videos from still images that we provide or ones from your own inventory.

3. Determine personalization

Select the elements you want to use to create a personal experience for each of your viewers.

You can call them by name—first and last—you can identify their location and their email address, and you can even place their Facebook or LinkedIn profile photos right in your video.

4. Publish your personalized video

When you hit the publish button, your video goes out to your target audience.

Whether it’s one person or thousands, each will receive a video that’s addressed just to them.

The genies are out of the bottle

You will enjoy the benefits of 2 genies representing the joint effort of two nations—the United States and Australia, by bringing the best of both worlds to you.  

In this united effort, you will receive the best quality, breadth of experience, unique skills and talents with around-the-clock coverage. You could say that we're a business that never sleeps! 

The United States clients are served by Paula Slavens and her team. Slavens has 23 years experience in the corporate world and has been an entrepreneur with her own business since 2000. Her skills range from business analysis and coaching to graphic design, creative writing and videography.

The Australian contingent is managed by Adam Kopacsy, whose business skills mirrors those of Slaven's group. However, Adam is also a technical genie who transforms creative collateral into workable solutions. Adam has over 30 years of customer service experience in the corporate and private sector including hospitality, training, technology and sales.

Clients' say

Public Speaking Jedi

"Fun, attractive, attention-catching are the three words that come to my mind when I think of the animation work Adam has been doing with my Speak4Impact logo. If you need to stand out from a busy market crowd; if you need to attract new clients; if you need to position your services and product values in an effective manner in this digital madness. Ask Adam!"


"Adam initially created a website for me and has given me continued support and advice. The smart videos he created for my social media are excellent and really work at improving engagement with new and existing clients. I would fully recommend Adam to anybody. Adam is very responsive and helpful especially in the moments when you really need him. Thank you Adam. It's all very much appreciated."